Payroll is a crucial aspect for any business and its operations as well as for your employees. What does an effective payroll system mean for your employees ?

  • Get paid well on time 
  • Effectively manage your payroll taxes 
  • Reduce time spent on processing the payroll 

The list just goes on… 

How do businesses manage their complicated payroll process? 

Of course, having an in-house team of  payroll experts would be fine to some extent. But when the process becomes more complicated, the payroll management becomes yet another problem. 

That is why companies look for options to outsource payroll to the trustworthy agencies who get the job done for them with ease. 

So let’s break down this dilemma – Do businesses need to manage payroll in-house or should they outsource their payroll management? 

Why should you outsource payroll management ? 

Yes, there are several reasons to consider. 

Maybe either because your account  team is fed up with managing payroll as the process becomes more complex when it comes to several crucial times. It may even be because your team would need to shift the focus to more important business aspects. 

With payroll outsourcing, businesses get a chance to

  • Save time 
  • Reduce paper usage 
  • Easy and friendly tax filing 
  • Enhanced security 
  • Better productivity on business outcomes 
  • Strict Compliance with government regulations 

Why companies prefer to outsource payroll is even more trickier: 

A report finds that 1 out of 5 companies felt that the payroll process was a lot time consuming and would need to be outsourced. 

One thing to clearly understand is that payroll processing typically takes its own sweet time – may be small startups may not know it initially. But as business grows, so does the payroll complications too. 

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How much does it cost to outsource payroll?

It is not just about the costs – it’s far beyond. Mostly, payroll outsourcing would be billed on a monthly basis – based on per employee format – including tax filing, paper checks, HR functions and a lot more. 

It all depends upon your company size and payroll features that you are intended to use as per the guidelines. 

What size of the companies should opt for outsourcing payroll ? 

If you have just fewer employees, then there would be no effective way for you to outsource the payroll. But when it comes to businesses with more than 10 employees, it  would make sense for you to outsource your payroll. 

How do you outsource Payroll Management? 

It is necessary for you to find the best outsourcing partners for payroll and then associate with them. 

Determine your needs and communicate the same with the partnering agency so that you get the desired outcome. 

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