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Why is Payroll Outsourcing Crucial for Your business?

Payroll is a crucial aspect for any business and its operations as well as for your employees. What does an effective payroll system mean for your employees ?

  • Get paid well on time 
  • Effectively manage your payroll taxes 
  • Reduce time spent on processing the payroll 

The list just goes on… 

How do businesses manage their complicated payroll process? 

Of course, having an in-house team of  payroll experts would be fine to some extent. But when the process becomes more complicated, the payroll management becomes yet another problem. 

That is why companies look for options to outsource payroll to the trustworthy agencies who get the job done for them with ease. 

So let’s break down this dilemma – Do businesses need to manage payroll in-house or should they outsource their payroll management? 

Why should you outsource payroll management ? 

Yes, there are several reasons to consider. 

Maybe either because your account  team is fed up with managing payroll as the process becomes more complex when it comes to several crucial times. It may even be because your team would need to shift the focus to more important business aspects. 

With payroll outsourcing, businesses get a chance to

  • Save time 
  • Reduce paper usage 
  • Easy and friendly tax filing 
  • Enhanced security 
  • Better productivity on business outcomes 
  • Strict Compliance with government regulations 

Why companies prefer to outsource payroll is even more trickier: 

A report finds that 1 out of 5 companies felt that the payroll process was a lot time consuming and would need to be outsourced. 

One thing to clearly understand is that payroll processing typically takes its own sweet time – may be small startups may not know it initially. But as business grows, so does the payroll complications too. 

Need help in managing taxes? Contact us today! 

How much does it cost to outsource payroll?

It is not just about the costs – it’s far beyond. Mostly, payroll outsourcing would be billed on a monthly basis – based on per employee format – including tax filing, paper checks, HR functions and a lot more. 

It all depends upon your company size and payroll features that you are intended to use as per the guidelines. 

What size of the companies should opt for outsourcing payroll ? 

If you have just fewer employees, then there would be no effective way for you to outsource the payroll. But when it comes to businesses with more than 10 employees, it  would make sense for you to outsource your payroll. 

How do you outsource Payroll Management? 

It is necessary for you to find the best outsourcing partners for payroll and then associate with them. 

Determine your needs and communicate the same with the partnering agency so that you get the desired outcome. 

Need help in managing your payroll? 

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When do you approach a Staffing /Recruitment Partner for your Business ?

Looking ways to fulfill your recruitment needs ?

Facing tough times in your recruitment ? 

Looking to outsource your hiring process ?  

All set to approach a recruitment partner to help you out ? 

Then yes, here is some quick information for you to make it clear. 

We all know that some days are dam busy for our business and we will not even get a fraction of a second to  spend time on less important things. And the vice -versa too in some cases. Now when your company is busy with projects and  their execution, you need more manpower – to complete the projects on time, to meet the deadlines and to ensure utmost quality. 

So the best talents always matter. Do you agree ? 

That is when you approach a recruitment partner.  A staffing partner is a must for some of the below scenarios . 

(Manpower Outsourcing services – know more

Facing Talent Shortages >> 

It is very  hard and complicated to find the best candidates. Because they would be very selective and preferable in choosing the opportunities. You might need more time than expected to close the position. 

What’s the best way out ? 

Approach the top recruitment partner and get your recruitment filled in no time. Because they will have access to a wider database and will be swift enough to complete the recruitment for you.  

No time for Hiring>> 

Projects are to be met with deadlines and client retention is highly important for any business. So, you are likely to run out of time to focus on your hiring needs. That’s when you would require the support from a recruitment agency to get it done for you. 

Running out of Expertise 

Staffing agencies make the recruitment and hiring needs of the companies much easier because most of the companies lack the required expertise for them to concentrate on the hiring needs. In such cases, experienced staffing agencies fulfill the positions with ease. 

Do you want to save  money ? 

The first and foremost goal of any organization would be to save time and money with no compromise on quality. Now, employee hiring is very expensive these days and that can be much simplified with the help of a staffing agency. 

What can the Recruitment Partner Do for you ? 

With that being said,a recruitment partner will clearly simplify your hiring needs. But how ? 

  • It streamlines your complete hiring process. 
  • Streamlined Hiring will lead you towards the path of better productivity 
  • You save a lot of  time and money 
  • The utmost flexibility for your hiring needs 
  • Your access to wider networks through a Staffing partner will take you a long way ahead.  

It is necessary that every organisation needs the right talent to succeed with right strategy. It is very important to focus more on the topmost primary functions of the business and to outsource the recruitment needs to a trusted staffing partner.   

Talk to us for your Staffing needs ! 

Gear up for your Success in HR Management with the Changing Landscape in Staffing Services

It’s a hard fact  to say that 2021 and even the first  half of 2021 was also a tough year to travel through – especially for the employers. The deadly  pandemic has brought in huge amounts of irreversible disruptions, and the trends accelerated by the pandemic are likely to reshape the employment space in the long term for sure. 

Now, the 3 W’s that affected highly with the pandemic are : Work, Workforce and the Workplace! 

It’s tough to accept and bring them back even when the crisis has subsided. 

Take a look at some of the stunning trends that will be visible in the Indian Landscape in 2021.  

The Major Setback from Permanent to Temporary staffing 

The pandemic like Covid-19 has been urging the companies to turn to Contracting Business or Staff Augmentation, including offshoring – a trend that was also seen during the financial recession of 2008. Today, we are seeing increased demand for Contract Staffing across industry sectors, including BFSI, IT, ITeS, Telecom, Infrastructure, Engineering, Pharma, E-commerce and Logistics.  

The reason being to be the best among the cost cutting modes when the businesses are already struggling with the pandemic.  

Today, businesses have clearly understood the benefits of hiring employees on contract, especially on-field and remote workers,, workers in their manufacturing unit and counter sales personnel, as contracting gives the business the flexibility to target specific geographies as they deem fit.  

Hybrid Work Model – A Boon for Businesses 

“Go Digital” has been clearly accomplished across the globe  with the pandemic. The Remote Work model was already in existence by then! Most importantly in the IT sector for the contract employment. Now going forward what can be expected is that about 30-40% of IT staff would prefer Work From Home models with more flexibility. But do you really think it boosts the productivity ? 

Let us know in the comments!  

How does Manpower Outsourcing help your business grow?

Manpower outsourcing services

The world we live in is full of competition in everything you do. It’s a cat and mouse race to build your own brand identity and make it stand unique from the competitors. 

Are you a business owner ?  Then you might know the most crucial assets are the people who work for you – your employees!  The more you care about them, the better will your business grow! 

One of the most important challenges faced by every business is not knowing how to retain valuable assets of your organization for an extended period of time. A research says, the great and the most preferred way to bring down costs and get the right candidates onboarded is to partner with a manpower outsourcing agency. Can you believe it ? 

Yes, it does wonders for your business – saves money and time, expertise in talent acquisition and business booms within no time. 

So, here is the shot. 

Manpower Outsourcing for your business 

Getting to know about manpower outsourcing services is that simple! It is a process where a company hires or partners with an external agency to carry out recruitment and other services. Manpower outsourcing is inclusive of : 

  • Contract staffing 
  • Temporary staffing 
  • Payroll Outsourcing 

How does Manpower Outsourcing help your business ? 

Yes, here are 4 crucial ways by which manpower outsourcing services helps your business.

  1. HR Outsourcing

Imagine you hire a manpower outsourcing company, then hiring good talent is no more your headache. Onboarding potential talents that yield good value to your business is a dream of every entrepreneur.  Everyone knows that the open positions in any organization should be filled with great talents in the minimal span of time . Only then your business can sustain productivity. No more worries, the manpower agency does it for you!  

  1. Cut down Labour Cost

This is a significant benefit. You don’t have to spend more on employees for hiring talents. Rather you can focus on more important aspects of your business. The experts at Ontrack HR Services help you with the best resources, company’s payroll, and a better employee administration. 

3. Build your Brand 

Earning a brand value is the dream of every business owner – that good reputation, a good brand identity,  the most trusted brand value and a lot more. Manpower Outsourcing services earn you the professional brand image. It solely helps your valuable resources to focus more on all aspects except HR. 

4. Reduces Employee Turnover 

With a manpower outsourcing agency, you work with expert professionals to review and assess your existing employees, understanding their requirements and fulfilling them based on priority. The more satisfied they are, the better will be your business value.  This will eventually decrease the threat of job-hopping  and in fact decreases employee turnover from your organization.  

How does Ontrack HR Consulting Help ? 

We work closely with you to understand your business requirements. Our expert professionals help you with committed employees in several fields and diversified industries. We strive to retain the most important talents who are flexible to adapt to new challenging situations that emerge everyday.   

Moreover, we assist our clients with solutions that add value to their business. Our HR services are always focussed on recruiting the right candidate with deep knowledge and expertise  and would become the preferred choice for the organization. 

So, Are you ready to fulfill your HR Requirements with minimal risks ? 

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