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Gear up for your Success in HR Management with the Changing Landscape in Staffing Services

It’s a hard fact  to say that 2021 and even the first  half of 2021 was also a tough year to travel through – especially for the employers. The deadly  pandemic has brought in huge amounts of irreversible disruptions, and the trends accelerated by the pandemic are likely to reshape the employment space in the long term for sure. 

Now, the 3 W’s that affected highly with the pandemic are : Work, Workforce and the Workplace! 

It’s tough to accept and bring them back even when the crisis has subsided. 

Take a look at some of the stunning trends that will be visible in the Indian Landscape in 2021.  

The Major Setback from Permanent to Temporary staffing 

The pandemic like Covid-19 has been urging the companies to turn to Contracting Business or Staff Augmentation, including offshoring – a trend that was also seen during the financial recession of 2008. Today, we are seeing increased demand for Contract Staffing across industry sectors, including BFSI, IT, ITeS, Telecom, Infrastructure, Engineering, Pharma, E-commerce and Logistics.  

The reason being to be the best among the cost cutting modes when the businesses are already struggling with the pandemic.  

Today, businesses have clearly understood the benefits of hiring employees on contract, especially on-field and remote workers,, workers in their manufacturing unit and counter sales personnel, as contracting gives the business the flexibility to target specific geographies as they deem fit.  

Hybrid Work Model – A Boon for Businesses 

“Go Digital” has been clearly accomplished across the globe  with the pandemic. The Remote Work model was already in existence by then! Most importantly in the IT sector for the contract employment. Now going forward what can be expected is that about 30-40% of IT staff would prefer Work From Home models with more flexibility. But do you really think it boosts the productivity ? 

Let us know in the comments!  

Staffing firms are adapting to the pandemic

Finding the workers to match them with employers has been a hot business ever again! 

No surprise!  

Just a year ago employers were employing staff.  Now many of them are desperately looking for more on the go. What does it mean ? 

There is a rapid bounce-back in the labour market – almost withstanding the pandemic. It presents  some exciting opportunities ahead for most of the staffing agencies, which match firms with potential hires. The changing way of  work is what people embrace which in turn keep the recruiters busy. 

To keep it short, the staffing sector and in fact the industry is slowly gaining momentum as we push into peak hiring season post pandemic. Businesses are consistently keeping an eye as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to unfold and impacts their ability to hire and retain full-time employees. Now here is the twist – Companies rely on temporary staffing more than ever before to experience seamless operations during this extended period of uncertainty.   

What is the future of Workforce ? 

No doubt, Its hybrid employees are more preferable for both onsite and remote workforce. So the hiring process should also be 

a hiring process that combines virtual and in-person processes will become increasingly standard due to the associated cost and time savings, according to 70 percent of respondents to the LinkedIn survey. (source : Linked in)

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