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Why is Payroll Outsourcing Crucial for Your business?

Payroll is a crucial aspect for any business and its operations as well as for your employees. What does an effective payroll system mean for your employees ?

  • Get paid well on time 
  • Effectively manage your payroll taxes 
  • Reduce time spent on processing the payroll 

The list just goes on… 

How do businesses manage their complicated payroll process? 

Of course, having an in-house team of  payroll experts would be fine to some extent. But when the process becomes more complicated, the payroll management becomes yet another problem. 

That is why companies look for options to outsource payroll to the trustworthy agencies who get the job done for them with ease. 

So let’s break down this dilemma – Do businesses need to manage payroll in-house or should they outsource their payroll management? 

Why should you outsource payroll management ? 

Yes, there are several reasons to consider. 

Maybe either because your account  team is fed up with managing payroll as the process becomes more complex when it comes to several crucial times. It may even be because your team would need to shift the focus to more important business aspects. 

With payroll outsourcing, businesses get a chance to

  • Save time 
  • Reduce paper usage 
  • Easy and friendly tax filing 
  • Enhanced security 
  • Better productivity on business outcomes 
  • Strict Compliance with government regulations 

Why companies prefer to outsource payroll is even more trickier: 

A report finds that 1 out of 5 companies felt that the payroll process was a lot time consuming and would need to be outsourced. 

One thing to clearly understand is that payroll processing typically takes its own sweet time – may be small startups may not know it initially. But as business grows, so does the payroll complications too. 

Need help in managing taxes? Contact us today! 

How much does it cost to outsource payroll?

It is not just about the costs – it’s far beyond. Mostly, payroll outsourcing would be billed on a monthly basis – based on per employee format – including tax filing, paper checks, HR functions and a lot more. 

It all depends upon your company size and payroll features that you are intended to use as per the guidelines. 

What size of the companies should opt for outsourcing payroll ? 

If you have just fewer employees, then there would be no effective way for you to outsource the payroll. But when it comes to businesses with more than 10 employees, it  would make sense for you to outsource your payroll. 

How do you outsource Payroll Management? 

It is necessary for you to find the best outsourcing partners for payroll and then associate with them. 

Determine your needs and communicate the same with the partnering agency so that you get the desired outcome. 

Need help in managing your payroll? 

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Gear up for your Success in HR Management with the Changing Landscape in Staffing Services

It’s a hard fact  to say that 2021 and even the first  half of 2021 was also a tough year to travel through – especially for the employers. The deadly  pandemic has brought in huge amounts of irreversible disruptions, and the trends accelerated by the pandemic are likely to reshape the employment space in the long term for sure. 

Now, the 3 W’s that affected highly with the pandemic are : Work, Workforce and the Workplace! 

It’s tough to accept and bring them back even when the crisis has subsided. 

Take a look at some of the stunning trends that will be visible in the Indian Landscape in 2021.  

The Major Setback from Permanent to Temporary staffing 

The pandemic like Covid-19 has been urging the companies to turn to Contracting Business or Staff Augmentation, including offshoring – a trend that was also seen during the financial recession of 2008. Today, we are seeing increased demand for Contract Staffing across industry sectors, including BFSI, IT, ITeS, Telecom, Infrastructure, Engineering, Pharma, E-commerce and Logistics.  

The reason being to be the best among the cost cutting modes when the businesses are already struggling with the pandemic.  

Today, businesses have clearly understood the benefits of hiring employees on contract, especially on-field and remote workers,, workers in their manufacturing unit and counter sales personnel, as contracting gives the business the flexibility to target specific geographies as they deem fit.  

Hybrid Work Model – A Boon for Businesses 

“Go Digital” has been clearly accomplished across the globe  with the pandemic. The Remote Work model was already in existence by then! Most importantly in the IT sector for the contract employment. Now going forward what can be expected is that about 30-40% of IT staff would prefer Work From Home models with more flexibility. But do you really think it boosts the productivity ? 

Let us know in the comments!  

Temporary Staffing : Is it for you?

Today, companies are struggling to get intact with the regulations and volatile market segment. It is very clear that during uncertainty, companies might not want to hire permanent employees on a full – time mode. Rather flexibility and agility on-demand workforce would be looked upon for hassle free operations. 

That’s where Temporary Staffing Solutions are the Masterminds! 

Ontrack HR Services cater you with temporary staffing solutions to develop your strength of the staff without having them full time, also act as an driving force for the overloaded employees during crucial meetings to keep the momentum of the ongoing projects.  Being reputed as the employee leasing services, with a cost effective HR management services, we help organizations to fulfill the staffing requirements at any point of time. 

Some companies might not have the infrastructure to maintain the workforce . In such cases also, we help them as a temporary staffing agency  to own the company’s HR sector to make the business get rid of all the tedious activities and requirements to make things simpler. 

What is it All About ? 

  • Temporary employed staff will be on our payroll 
  • We will handle the Contract 
  • Payroll management 
  • Statutory compliance and payment remittance 

Recruiting Your Needs  

With a proven standardised recruitment process,  that benchmarks to recruit just the right candidates for your company. Accompanied with a huge network base from all around, we have a pool of databases that can be matched with your recruitment requisites. We do the screening and shortlisting process of  potential candidates to give you the best picks.  

What you can Expect from our Temporary Staffing Services 

Cut Down Your Costs 

It is an excellent way for you to reduce your hiring costs, training costs depending on the business cycle. It also gets you relief to your overloaded permanent staff.  

Relax From your Administrative Burden

We act as a central point for all temporary staffing requirements including labour law compliance and other legal issues concerning your organization. 

Looking for more information  ? 

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Importance of Payroll for your Organization – Facts You must know

As we see, Every business just depends on the employees for every day to day activities and  long term success.   Employees are an integral part of the organization. Companies need an amount of time for recruiting, training and business operations. Payroll is very crucial here! 

Employees rely on being paid on a consistent basis without delays. No matter whatever is the size of the organization, payroll plays an important role in maintaining the morale of employees to the financial stability of the organization.

In general, processing payroll is a tedious task. Most of the small companies will not have a dedicated resource to manage the payroll. In the same way, bigger companies will have a dedicated team to work on the payroll activities. Likewise, medium companies will find a payroll outsourcing agency who can assist them with all their needs.  

Here are some of the crucial facts you must keep in mind for Payroll Processing 

Find out the Compensation  

Payroll is all meant for the employee to get a clear picture of his net worth with the company or the organization. It is inclusive of his/her salary, bonuses, other benefits and more. Usually employees are appraised on an annual basis  – wherein they will be given an increase in salary or bonus for both.  

Improved Morale 

Keeping all the facts aside, more holds a high value when talking about the Payroll. Employees have the right to question the organization in case of consistent delay in the payroll process  which might even affect the company’s financial integrity. Keeping that in mind and for seamless business operations, it is necessary for the companies to pay the employees on a timely manner. 

Raise your Company Reputation 

Put aside the financial obligations that the company has with its employees, they also have to ensure that all payroll activities adhere to the country’s tax obligations and comply with employment legislation. A very mandatory checkpoint they ust adhere to. 

Payroll is the connecting  interface  between  companies, their employees, and other service providers that collect taxes on the sums they pay to their staff. So, it is very important that payroll must be precise every single time.It makes companies become fully accountable to their partners in the payroll process and satisfies all obligations.

Payroll processing is a wide topic in fact , but is objected to by most of the companies and organizations. Being well known as the most expensive and important aspect of business of all times.  Hence making a change in the existing ways of processing payroll is a must. Payroll, by itself contributes to a good company culture. Employees will always value an attentive payroll team. 

Need help in Managing your Payoll Process ? 

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Why is Payroll Outsourcing Important for your business ?

Not Able to handle the Payroll Stress ? 

Yes, No worries anymore. 

As we see, it’s a huge topic to write about! 

Actually, Payroll is something that every company should be very much aware of. It is that significant factor that drives business and the employees too. 

Every business pretty much relied on their employees for the routine functioning and business growth in its long-term journey. Employees are paid back in terms of remuneration on the basis of the responsibilities and ownership allocated to every profile. Even though employees are to be paid the full amount in a go, that never happens due to various reasons. 

  • It might be because of intentional reduction 
  • Also may be due to Negligence issues 
  • It may be due to errors 

There are a lot of reasons to pay for it! 

But, one can never be satisfied with this. Yes, and that’s why your business needs the assistance of HR Management and Consulting firms who would literally help in terms of payroll outsourcing services and better employee management. 

The biggest thrill wasn’t in winning on Sunday but in meeting the payroll on Monday.”

Now you might think why would payroll processing services matter a lot ?  

Corporate Ethics : HR Consultancy Services are the top experts who strongly believe that the only way to adhere with your business functions is to rely on the accurate payroll outsourcing. If you are not paying right to the employees as a token of love for their efforts, then you are not doing the right business. 

Employee Satisfaction : Yes, the master of everything! Employees are kings and queens of your business. Now, HR management firms are on the top lists for employee management. 

Accounts management : Here is the real role of Payroll Management. Payment of salaries is the basic function of every organization. Keeping your payments accurate and transparent will yield you greater results and this is possible only with the best co-partner for your needs. 

Does your company or business lags  In-house payroll experts ? 

Then it’s the huge time you invest in payroll  with the help of HR Consultancy Firms.  

Whether it’s inhouse or outsource, we believe your employees should be rewarded for what they are. This will motivate them to work for more.

Tax compliances : It is very crucial that every company must pay taxes and other payments to governments for the benefit of employees. Provident Fund, ESI, etc are some of the big names in the list.  With payroll outsourcing, you have no headache to keep track of all these. We will take care of it! 

Analysis and Insights : Everyone should analyse where the expenses go so that you can opt out the operational inefficiencies instantly. Accurate payroll records assists you to understand the revenue generated and the corrective measures in avoiding such loopholes. 

Accurate calculations and paying the employees correctly would certainly yield you greater results for the phenomenal growth of the organization. Here you go! 

Hire the best Payroll Experts or Outsource your payroll to the best HR Consultancy Firm and relax .  

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