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Temporary Staffing : Is it for you?

Today, companies are struggling to get intact with the regulations and volatile market segment. It is very clear that during uncertainty, companies might not want to hire permanent employees on a full – time mode. Rather flexibility and agility on-demand workforce would be looked upon for hassle free operations. 

That’s where Temporary Staffing Solutions are the Masterminds! 

Ontrack HR Services cater you with temporary staffing solutions to develop your strength of the staff without having them full time, also act as an driving force for the overloaded employees during crucial meetings to keep the momentum of the ongoing projects.  Being reputed as the employee leasing services, with a cost effective HR management services, we help organizations to fulfill the staffing requirements at any point of time. 

Some companies might not have the infrastructure to maintain the workforce . In such cases also, we help them as a temporary staffing agency  to own the company’s HR sector to make the business get rid of all the tedious activities and requirements to make things simpler. 

What is it All About ? 

  • Temporary employed staff will be on our payroll 
  • We will handle the Contract 
  • Payroll management 
  • Statutory compliance and payment remittance 

Recruiting Your Needs  

With a proven standardised recruitment process,  that benchmarks to recruit just the right candidates for your company. Accompanied with a huge network base from all around, we have a pool of databases that can be matched with your recruitment requisites. We do the screening and shortlisting process of  potential candidates to give you the best picks.  

What you can Expect from our Temporary Staffing Services 

Cut Down Your Costs 

It is an excellent way for you to reduce your hiring costs, training costs depending on the business cycle. It also gets you relief to your overloaded permanent staff.  

Relax From your Administrative Burden

We act as a central point for all temporary staffing requirements including labour law compliance and other legal issues concerning your organization. 

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How does Manpower Outsourcing help your business grow?

Manpower outsourcing services

The world we live in is full of competition in everything you do. It’s a cat and mouse race to build your own brand identity and make it stand unique from the competitors. 

Are you a business owner ?  Then you might know the most crucial assets are the people who work for you – your employees!  The more you care about them, the better will your business grow! 

One of the most important challenges faced by every business is not knowing how to retain valuable assets of your organization for an extended period of time. A research says, the great and the most preferred way to bring down costs and get the right candidates onboarded is to partner with a manpower outsourcing agency. Can you believe it ? 

Yes, it does wonders for your business – saves money and time, expertise in talent acquisition and business booms within no time. 

So, here is the shot. 

Manpower Outsourcing for your business 

Getting to know about manpower outsourcing services is that simple! It is a process where a company hires or partners with an external agency to carry out recruitment and other services. Manpower outsourcing is inclusive of : 

  • Contract staffing 
  • Temporary staffing 
  • Payroll Outsourcing 

How does Manpower Outsourcing help your business ? 

Yes, here are 4 crucial ways by which manpower outsourcing services helps your business.

  1. HR Outsourcing

Imagine you hire a manpower outsourcing company, then hiring good talent is no more your headache. Onboarding potential talents that yield good value to your business is a dream of every entrepreneur.  Everyone knows that the open positions in any organization should be filled with great talents in the minimal span of time . Only then your business can sustain productivity. No more worries, the manpower agency does it for you!  

  1. Cut down Labour Cost

This is a significant benefit. You don’t have to spend more on employees for hiring talents. Rather you can focus on more important aspects of your business. The experts at Ontrack HR Services help you with the best resources, company’s payroll, and a better employee administration. 

3. Build your Brand 

Earning a brand value is the dream of every business owner – that good reputation, a good brand identity,  the most trusted brand value and a lot more. Manpower Outsourcing services earn you the professional brand image. It solely helps your valuable resources to focus more on all aspects except HR. 

4. Reduces Employee Turnover 

With a manpower outsourcing agency, you work with expert professionals to review and assess your existing employees, understanding their requirements and fulfilling them based on priority. The more satisfied they are, the better will be your business value.  This will eventually decrease the threat of job-hopping  and in fact decreases employee turnover from your organization.  

How does Ontrack HR Consulting Help ? 

We work closely with you to understand your business requirements. Our expert professionals help you with committed employees in several fields and diversified industries. We strive to retain the most important talents who are flexible to adapt to new challenging situations that emerge everyday.   

Moreover, we assist our clients with solutions that add value to their business. Our HR services are always focussed on recruiting the right candidate with deep knowledge and expertise  and would become the preferred choice for the organization. 

So, Are you ready to fulfill your HR Requirements with minimal risks ? 

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